Sejarah – Latihan ulangkaji

November 27, 2006 at 7:16 pm | Posted in Sejarah (PMR) Laihan Ulang kaji | 15 Comments

Klik linknya disini

Note: Ujian dalam bentuk .PDF , sila download ADOBE acrobat reader untuk mengelak sebarang masalah

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  1. this is my fist time log in this website, so i have no comment.

  2. waq…bgs ar


  4. bgus lah…………………………………………..

  5. my first time at this website…….i think it’s OK………

  6. == haiz.. almost PMR now.

  7. i like diz website..

  8. I lyk tis website

  9. this year i take pmr,so i m so nervous for thi exam.i hope i can do well this exam…i must get 8A in pmr…so i must study hard for now..

  10. pmr this year..hua

  11. pmr this year..

  12. haiyoooo …. i’ll sit a major exam this year ..

  13. Semua yang nak amik exam boleh lahh tengok mana2 website yang berguna..

  14. i must get 8A’s in PMR ! Insyallah . Doakan saya kawan2 eyh . Semoga anda semua berjaya juga !

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